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밴쿠버 헤브론 교회에 오신 여러분을 주님의 이름으로 환영합니다.

송철웅 목사는 청년 때 캐나다에 이민와서 다양한 직장과 사업의 경험들을 통하여 세상속에서 복음의 절박성을 경험하였고, 교회에서는 평신도 지도자로써 혼신을 다해 교회를 섬기며, 주님의 복음을 증거함으로 많은 영혼들이 주님께 돌아오고, 주님의 제자로 세워지는 모습들을 체험하였습니다.
그렇게 평신도로써, 사업가로써 주님을 섬기던 중, 1995년 하나님의 부르심으로
Trinity western 신학대학원에 입학하여 학업과, 사업과, 교회에서 청년사역자로 임명 받고 가르치는 사역을 병행하다가 졸업 후, UBC Regent college에 입학하여 목회학 석사를 졸업하고서 2000년 10월에 미주한인 예수교장로회 합동측 소속인 밴쿠버 헤브론 교회를 개척하여 현제까지 담임목사로 사역하고 있습니다.

Making Disciples in this Nation by the Power of the Holy Spirit​

Welcome to Vancouver Hebron Church

Rev. Chul Woong Song, having immigrated to Canada in his early age, through various experiences of business, came to realize how much this world needs the gospel. Before being ordained, he as a lay minister served his church by teaching the gospel through which the Lord converted many unbelievers into the disciples of Christ. In 1995, he received God’s calling and began to study at Trinity Western University. Since then, he was officially ordained as a young adults pastor. After graduation, he also studied M.Div at UBC Regent College, and in October, 2000, he planted Vancouver Hebron Presbyterian Church at which he is currently serving as a senior pastor.


Hebron church believes that all Scripture is God-breathed; thus, is the inerrant Word of God. The Bible is the only way that we are called to follow for our spiritual journey. Hebron church is where God’s Presence is abundant through the working of the Holy Spirit. We also seek to equip lay people to be ministers, to raise the future generation in Christ, and to be godly-influential to the local community, as we proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth, through which joy and happiness overflow in every heart of Hebron members. May His face shine upon you all.

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